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Our mission is to deliver exceptional design ideas and solutions through the creative blending of human need, environmental stewardship, value creation, science and art. Our core services are architecture, masterplanning and urban design, and interior architecture and project advice. Our portfolio of projects spans several sectors - office, residential, office, retail, mixed used, leisure and culture. We also have dedicated capabilities in masterplanning and we have specialized in the design and fit out of interiors of all types of buildings.

ARCHITECTURE - We offer our expertise in a range of domains which include: new buildings, restorations and extensions of existing structures, historical conservations, documents necessary for Building Permit and Aproval, details for construction execution.

MASTER PLANNING & URBAN DESIGN - Analysis of the best architecture and economic solutions even for the most complex sites. We develop studies and permits for Urban Zonal Plan, Urban Detail Plan, and Urban Certificate.

INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE - The creativity of our team members and our experience, along with the understanding of our client's needs, help us identify the right interior environment for the project. We provide interior design for office buildings, hotels, retail, industrial spaces and residential.

PROJECT CONSULTANCY - We offer advice for investments in construction in domains such as: project management, investment strategies and design, real estate, feasibility studies.